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Alaska's Truckin Bolys Girls

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Welcome & Thank you for visiting Alaska's Truckin Boly Girls web site!
I have written a book called "Alaska's Truckin Boly Girls, Life on the Road."  This book is written to encourage trucking families to enjoy the benefits of raising a family together in a truck.  Seperation, time spent apart, and lack of family togetherness can destroy the family unit.  I raised my three daughters in an 18 wheeler truck for nine years.  I homeschooled and taught my daughters the values of family togetherness.  I believe that all families can benefit from my experiences.
One of the reasons I have written this book is to supplement my family income as I was injured unloading my truck and am no longer able to drive an 18 wheeler.  I had driven truck for over 17 years.  The accident has changed my life and that of my family.
Again, I thank you for visiting Alaska's Truckin Boly Girls and I hope you will enjoy the book and CD.


Alaska's Truckin Boly Girls - Book

This story is about living in an 18 wheeler truck for 17 years and raising three beautiful daughters. We traveled the Alaska Highway, through the Provinces of Canada and Lower 48.  I will tell of the journeys and day to day life experiences.  Proper diet, exercise programs, homeschooling and safety in public places are a few of the highlights of this book.

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